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The Cambriel estate presentation 

The CAMBRIEL family, who live in the Ornaisons area, have cultivated vines for 5 generations in several villages at the foot of the Corbières mountains.

 In the 1950s, the paternal grandparents, Albert and Judith, professional gardeners, invested in 4 hectares which they included within the village cooperative wine cellar.

In 1975 their son André, helped by his wife Lydie, started developing and expanded the vineyard to 12 hectares in 1980, still within the cooperative.

 It was in 1987, with the purchase of 10 hectares of land and additional vineyards as well as a some of the old Hauterive castle buildings, that the wine making adventure began.

 Replanting the vineyards and improving wine making techniques had always been a priority for this young winemaker.

 In 2000, a new step was taken with the development of a new method of vinification and the arrival of the eldest son, Christophe, who after a 7 year professional detour, trading in regional Béziers wines, bought a neighbouring 15 hectare property to renovate.

 Parents and sons were brought together under a legal entity called "GAEC Les Vignobles CAMBRIEL".

Through this new entity each person's technical skills enabled them to develop of wines which better express the excellent vineyards that make up this part of Corbières..

In 2008, the fourth son Eric started his professional training on the estate with block release.

He qualified in agricultural in 2011 and was hired on the estate as a salaried employee and began to buy IGP OC land to replant which he rented to GAEC with a view to developing it later.

At the end of 2013, the parents André & Lydie retired and Eric joined the company as an associate with his older brother.

New investment in the winery (1 oak tun (large barrel) with a 32.4 hl capacity and approximately 1,000 hl of additional wine making equipment, 1 cooling system with a cold production capacity of 40,000 frigories) and a new headquarters composed of a new sales cellar, offices and a bottled wine storage cellar saw the light of day in 2014.

An opportunity to purchase an additional 20 hectares including 10 with vines presented itself and we decided to take the plunge in the spring of 2014.

Today the estate domain is 72 ha of which 48 are vineyards but we had to reprogram the uprooting and replanting of new parcels of land (6 ha) to start in 2016 to bring the estate to 54 ha in production by 2020.

Our company now has 3 employees, another big step thanks to the development of bottled wine and the extension of the production site from 2016.

Wineyard pictures